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Given my background in chemical and nuclear engineering and my experience in working for and with the federal government (e.g., US Atomic Energy Commission, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, US Department of Energy), my first books were centered around situations associated with those agencies. There is a series of three books shown above in where the protagonist is Dr. Essie Openwaters, a twenty-one-year-old woman with dual PhDs and  trust issues (1. GIRL EMERGING,2.  MALICIOUS DECEPTION, & 3. 90 DAYS). The trust issues came from being raised by her outcast Kootenai Indian father and being constantly ridiculed by classmates as a child.  Essie evolves into a super sleuth deals with assassins, corrupt politicians, and Ty Rettig, a psychopathic billionaire intent on killing her. All three books are available for purchase, two through multiple vendors and the third through Amazon on Kindle Unlimited. The following link will lead to where you can purchase any of the books. https://allauthor.com/profile/wmichaelhewitt/ 

A fourth novel, PERNICIOUS PROCLIVITIES, takes place a half century earlier, 1965. Rocco Mancuso, a flawed but talented US Atomic Energy Commission spy catcher, finds himself in a life or death struggle with a much younger Ty Rettig and Pakistani spies. Woven into PERNICIOUS PROCLIVITIES is a back story for MALICIOUS DECEPTION, the second Essie Openwaters novel. Advance Reader Copies of PERNICIOUS PROCLIVITIES are currently out for review and I anticipate publishing it on Amazon in the summer of 2023.

Finally, FOR WANT OF A FRIEND, is a short story, also on Amazon, that gives a glimpse of twelve-year-old Essie struggling to fit in. It is a coming of age story.