01 Jan

Essie Openwaters Mystery Thriller Book 3 At the Secretary of Energy’s request, Dr. Essie Openwaters just completed a crash course at Quantico and is now a federal agent. Her first assignment, check whether plutonium is missing from the Savannah River Site. When she uncovers an ingenious scheme used to steal sixteen kilograms of weapons grade plutonium, Essie suspects Ty Rettig’s involvement. As Essie pieces together clues gathered by the National Security Agency, reality strikes her. She has 90 days to avert a catastrophe that will kill tens of millions of people. But instead of helping her, the FBI and DOJ are working to frame her. Fighting to save her life and career, Essie must outwit two billionaires and they are both determined to kill her. Essie has just ninety days until nuclear annihilation. She must find the stolen plutonium and prevent the mad men from using it. But who is sending the assassins this time? Is it Rettig again? And why did friendly colleagues turn hostile? Someone among the FBI, Secret Service, and National Security Administration agents she is working with is spying on her. Billionaire psychopath Tyrone Rettig must exterminate the lovely, young Essie Openwaters. Her relentless search for the plutonium he stole could lead to his downfall. Whether through death or imprisonment, she must be stopped. But she may be the only person on earth who is his intellectual equal. And that worries him. If Sergio García’s Fourth of July attack kills millions of US citizens, so be it. Success has its price and its rewards. Sergio will become the world’s first trillionaire. But he must eliminate Openwaters. Her meddling is interfering, and he has billions invested. One young woman racing against time through a minefield of world class assassins and corrupt politicians. Her life and millions of others on the line. Will Rettig and García fall for her Hail Mary gambit? Or . . . Read 90 DAYS. Available on Amazon in eBook and paper back formats. Purchase it at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BWPHFQKN

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