05 Jan

Hi. I'm Bill Hewitt but I write under W. Michael Hewitt. I know. It's confusing particularly to websites like Facebook who rely on AI instead of mind power and consequently call me W.

Long ago in another world I served as the president of several domestic and international corporations that, among other things, were involved in the safe and environmentally conscious handling of radioactive and hazardous chemical materials. I worked my way up to executive positions starting as an engineer in a nuclear power plant, an engineer in an enriched uranium recovery plant, an analyst with the US Atomic Energy Commission (Nuclear Regulatory Commission), a director at the world's largest contract research company, etc. Hard work and good timing paid off. After running companies for others, I started my own with my now wife, Kathy.

We ran a successful engineering/consulting business serving many clients including the US Department of Energy, Department of Defense, National Institutes of Health, and large federal government prime contractors. Then that world ended when I retired. Now I write mystery thriller novels, play golf in sunny Arizona, and travel the world with Kathy. This is my website where I will blog on a variety of topics ranging from books I am writing, places I've visited, and how to enjoy life.

All the best.

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