02 Jan

What if you found a memo warning that thousands of people would be killed, and powerful forces are determined to stop you from revealing the truth?

Twenty-one-year-old Dr. Essie Openwaters found such a memo in an old surplus US Atomic Energy Commission oak desk she was refinishing. Her attempts to determine whether the memo was a hoax or real came to the attention of Dr. Tyrone Rettig, a billionaire psychopath who thought he destroyed the only copy of that memo fifty years ago. When Essie’s inquiries threatened to unveil secrets that could have Rettig tried for treason, he had to stop her.

Essie’s world is turned upside down in a deadly struggle to prevent a catastrophe while fighting assassins and corrupt public officials determined to end her quest.

Join Essie on a thrilling ride across country leaving a trail of dead assassins as she uncovers a secret Ty Rettig believed he had permanently buried fifty years ago (Read PERNICIOUS PROCLIVITIES to find out more about that)--a secret that will destroy his privileged life unless he destroys Essie's first.

Read Malicious Deception. It’s available on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats. To buy https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09XLW9ML6 

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