19 Jan

Having published PERNICIOUS PROCLIVITIES, my first Rocco Mancuso historical fiction Cold War spy novel, I am currently embarked on writing a second Mancuso novel. This one, DARK SECRETS RISING, takes place two years earlier and was inspired by a former colleague relaying a story above overhearing Russian speaking individuals discussing explosives in a secretive manner near Grand Coulee Dam, a matter that was passed on to the FBI. Since a complete rupture of that dam would hurtle a 500 foot wall of water down the Columbia River toward the Atomic Energy Commission's primary plutonium production facilities at Hanford Washington, a concept for a novel was born. Though a plotter for all my previous novels, I elected to be a pantster for this one and let Mancuso and the bad guys (there are many of them all over the country) tell me where to take it. So far (about 40% through the first draft), it's been a trip. Stay tuned.

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