31 Dec

Rocco Mancuso looks like a mafia hit man though he is an Ivy League attorney who works for the us Atomic Energy Commission investigating nuclear espionage. Rocco is the AEC's number one spy catcher.With no love life and a boss who despises him, Mancuso washes away sorrow with too much beer. Mancuso solves the biggest case of his career and thinks he's falling in love when he is assigned to investigate missing plutonium. His investigation places Mancuso squarely in Rettig’s cross hairs.Ty Rettig is a millionaire psychopath managing a major AEC site that produces plutonium for nuclear weapons. Rettig organizes a major scam and murders several people to cover it up.Set in 1965, PERNICIOUS PROCLIVITIES shows how one man, even though emotionally broken with only two friends in the world, can stand against foreign agents, assassins, corrupt senior bureaucrats, and Rettig's father, a powerful US senator.Mancuso solves crimes while Rettig destroys one life after another to carry out his daring plan and then cover it up.PERNICIOUS PROCLIVITIES is available on Amazon as an eBook or paperback. 


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